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Criminal law

Practicing criminal law is a double edged sword. The interests of the perpetrator are diametrically opposed to those of the victim.
Because we have the necessary expertise, Law Office RvB & Partners are able to help and assist both parties.

In case the perpetrator has committed a crime / offence:

  • against property (theft / extortion / destruction, inflicting damage ...)
  • against persons (drugs / voluntary or involuntary manslaughter / causing injury / indecent assault of a minor / beggary / human trafficking / depriving of virtue or good name / harassment ...)
  • against family life and moral conduct (rape / prostitution / abandonment of family / multiple marriage ...)
  • disturbing the peace (insubordination / slander / breaking of seals / shackle / violation of laws governing the press ...)
  • against the safety of the public (criminal organisations / threats / assault on persons or properties / false information ...)
  • against the public trust (forgery / document forgery / usurpation of functions / false statement under oath and perjury ...)

In our current time, the prudent undertaker must realize that he too can be confronted with matters of criminal law. It is not uncommon for managers or directors to be prosecuted in criminal court as a result of certain actions they might have taken pertaining to their profession.

A prosecution in criminal court against an employer or his representatives can also be the result of a social inspection, and can result in administrative and punitive measures.

We are your confidants in the field of financial and economical criminal law as well as social criminal law. Be it pre-emptive or with the objective to remedy.

 As the victim, you have come across a traumatic experience. We are intent on offering you relief inside as well as outside the walls of our offices, striving for material and emotional satisfaction.

You are entitled to legal assistance of an attorney from the moment of your first hearing, regardless of whether you are in the position of the perpetrator or the victim...

Law Office RvB & Partners will handle your case with the utmost discretion and regard for your situation, whether it be in the offence or defence.

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