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Police law

On 24 May 1998 the octopus agreement was signed in the Senate, which lead to the law of 7 December 1998 regarding the organization of an integrated police service.

The goal of the reformation was to guarantee a coherent and non-discriminatory operation of police services. Police services are currently being organised and structured on the federal and local level (i.e. one or several local authorities). Together, they guarantee the integrated police force.
The reformation and implementation of police services resulted in fundamental changes of the police officers’ legal status. A new judicial, organizational and disciplinary (such as the disciplinary act of 13 May 1999) framework was put into operation. However, the law of 5 August 1992 on the office of police (de Wet op het Politieambt) has maintained its importance.

Law Office RvB & Partners stays current on all developments in judicial regulations, jurisprudence and discipline. We offer advice and assistance to police officers during (legal) procedures, should they be confronted with judicial problems.

The end goal is that anyone involved with policing is free to focus on the important task of guaranteeing our safety.

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