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Divorce law

In case of divorce endless possibilities present themselves. The Divorce law of 2007 did not help resolve these complexities.
Two grounds for divorce continue to exist:- divorce by mutual consent
- divorce on grounds of irreparable disruption of marriage

(incorrect conduct / de facto separation (6 months / 1 year) / repeated request (3 months)
The right to divorce was however institutionalized in a procedure on unilateral request. No one can force you to stay married against your wishes...
The course of action whereby proof of a fault committed by one of the spouses is necessary, has been abandoned. Only in case of consequences relating to alimony right can the adduced (grave) fault lead to the eventual denial of right to alimony by way of civil sanction.
As a result our divorce law has been sped up and humanized. Divorce negotiations have become the norm.
Law Office RvB & Partners approach divorce law from a personal level whereby mutual trust is our first priority. 
We are completely aware of the often fundamental nature of the measures that need to be taken. For instance:

  • terminating an engagement (Are you entitled to compensation or revocation of donations?)
  • the choice of matrimonial contract
  • the wish to yet arrive at a solution through negotiation (starting up a mediation or reconciliation procedure)
  • adultery, acts of violence, abuse and grave insults during the course of marriage
  • abandonment by relatives or the disappearance of relatives
  • de facto separation and economical reversion
  • the urgent need for accommodations (separate housing / restraining order / accommodation of the children / alimony / patrimony ...) whilst waiting for the divorce
  • starting up a divorce procedure
  • legal separation
  • respecting the agreements on alimony
  • questions about matrimonial property connected or otherwise to patrimony or Corporate law
  • the settlement and division of common matrimonial assets after the divorce
  • changed conditions after the divorce

We guarantee to resolve your deadlocked divorce within an acceptable period of time!

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