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Labour law

Labour law is a very specific subject matter and can deviate from common law in many cases. The legislation is constantly evolving and often unclear. Furthermore, the case law is not always unanimous.

The employer might be confronted with various regulations regarding individual and/or collective dismissal, protected workers or staff members abusing e-mail and the internet.

The law governing dismissal is very complex. Decisions regarding dismissal often have considerable financial consequences.

Numerous regulations regarding the different Belgian authorities need to be respected at all times.

A social inspection reveals that the regulation of labour is out of date. Moreover, independent consultants are being reclassified as workers. It is not uncommon that a civil or even a punitive fine is imposed as a result of incorrectly observing all of the regulations.

How to arm oneself as a diligent employer or employee, against all possible problems?

Thorough specialization in the matter of social rights is indispensable in today’s world.

Law Office RvB & Partners is active in all the different domains of social rights. Among others:

  • labour contracts for white and blue collar workers
  • sales representatives
  • sham self-employment
  • The law governing dismissals (resignation, serious cause, severances, renunciation of employment)
  • bridge pensions, pseudo bridge pensions and cafeteria plan
  • remuneration and flexible techniques of remuneration, bonuses, participation of the worker, reimbursement of expenses
  • part-time labour
  • time credit, paternity leave, career break and all other forms of suspension of the employment agreement
  • division of labour time, new regulations on division of labour time, flexible employment
  • wellbeing in the workplace
  • anti-bullying law
  • protection against discrimination
  • IT in the workplace, camera security, screening of internet and e-mail usage
  • outplacement
  • additional pensions and group insurance
  • collective labour contracts
  • social elections
  • works council and comity for the prevention and protection in the workplace and trade union representatives
  • restructuring the workforce
  • multiple and collective dismissal
  • closure of an enterprise and outsourcing
  • transfer of undertaking and personnel
  • conflicts with the NSSO (National Social Security Office) and the NISSE (National Institute for the Social Security of the Self-employed)
  • social inspections
  • social criminal law
  • the social status of the self-employed person
  • optimizing of remuneration regarding international employment
  • expat status (social security law and fiscal optimizations for foreign executives)
  • (international) assignments and simultaneous employment
  • work permits and professional cards
  • questions on immigration law, residency lawand citizenship law

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