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Law Office RvB & Partners will handle your unpaid invoices with speed, efficiency and transparency. Contemporary research has shown that swift action outweighs the importance of the intensity of the reminder.

Thanks to an intensive cooperation with our process servers office (with branches in every judicial district as well as foreign contacts), we are able to optimise the collection process,  with larger returns as a result.

In correspondence with your wishes, a balanced system of credit management allows us to make a prior assessment of your chances of successful recuperation. It creates the possibility to calculate the opportunity cost of the collection beforehand.

By taking swift action combined with a highly technological approach, Law Office RvB & Partners greatens your chances of a successful collection.

Lange Leemstraat 53 - B-2018 Antwerp
Tel: +32 (0)3 206 60 00
Fax: +32 (0)3 206 60 01

Dirk Rochtus
+32 (0)484 61 32 95
Office bank account: IBAN BE95 3630 7274 2158 (ING)
Third party bank account: IBAN BE92 6300 6521 9223 (ING)

Filip van Bergen
+32 (0)477/87.15.26
Office bank account: IBAN BE80 7350 3787 7777 (KBC)
Third party bank account: IBAN BE43 6304 0052 6601 (ING)